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Schedule of Spoken Word Events


Saturday, June 5th, 2021

7-9 pm - The Beat Spoken Word Variety Show hosted by Stef Alzati


Meeting ID: 812 7233 9136

Passcode: Hotc


Sunday, June 6th, 2021



11 am - Writing Workshop with

Lady Vanessa Cardona, Oral Story-Telling.


Meeting ID: 840 4261 8516

Passcode: Hotc


1 pm - Writing Workshop with

Nisha Patel, Poetry Editing Workshop


Meeting ID: 895 9881 8448

Passcode: Hotc

4-5 pm - Fourth Annual Heart of the City Story Slam!


Meeting ID: 843 0481 1155

Passcode: Hotc

Kaz Mega
Lady Vanessa
Mathew O'bertos
Jack Delong
Leif Oleson-Cormack
Nadine Hunt
Will Hannigan



Heart of the City invited comedy on to our main stage in 2017.

We realize that comedy is fast becoming seen as one of the most powerful voices for change and challenging our preconceived notions. We are pleased to present some of Edmonton's premier comics this year!






Will Hannigan is a comic from Edmonton, Alberta. He has performed across Canada and is a regular at comedy clubs in Western Canada. He was featured at Just For Laughs Northwest in Vancouver in 2018 and the Grindstone Comedy Festival in 2019.






Brittany Campbell has been described as intelligently inappropriate, dark, relatable and surprisingly, kind. Her unique and bold take on her life, relationships, human nature, family dynamics, and lesbianism has made her stand out.

*If my family asks, all of the things that I say are just jokes. If anyone else asks, they are all true*





Often described as a high-energy performer and a crowd favorite Sterling Scott has become one of comedy’s rising stars.

Sterling’s material stems from his experiences with relationships, family, being a father, current events, his out look on life and the world, and those awkward moments that people from all walks of life can relate to. Sterling has traveled all across Canada the U.S. and even over seas with notable performances as a finalist in the San Francisco international comedy competition in 2013, winner of the Edmonton international comedy festival "young guns" competition 2013, finalist in the Seattle international comedy competition 2014, performing for the troops in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, and Dubai, and the just for laughs festival in Montreal. As a writer and actor Sterling has worked on season twenty of the Canadian comedy television show “This Hour has 22 minutes".

Sterling was born in Scarborough Ontario and now currently resides in Edmonton Alberta. Raised in a single parent family with five brothers and sisters, with a mother born in Trinidad and Tobago who had to raise her kids in Canada stand up comedy is not only natural to Sterling, It’s a way of life!


Brittany Campbell
Sterling Scott