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Youth Stage 

Heart of the City Music and Arts Festival is looking for youth up to 24 years old to be part of our 2020 online festival, our goal is to promote local, original artists from the core of Edmonton. We welcome multidisciplinary forms of art. Our performers will be gifted with a $50 gift card. 


Our festival will be ongoing every Saturday starting from

4 pm until 5 pm, featuring 2 different artists every week.


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CreArt is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating accessible art and community spaces where people share their knowledge in a horizontal approach to education and community development. We strongly believe in the power of arts to produce positive social transformation in our society.



Sat June 6 - 4:00PM

Shandoa and Dezmond


Within the 25 minutes, my partner, Shandoa Vivian-Bigstone & myself will be starting off with an opening song (a song we do in our culture at the beginning of gatherings & such) sung by both of us, then we’ll both talk about our different styles of powwow dances. Next we’ll perform a powwow dance together, after that the both of us will individually dance our own styles.
then teach more about our dance & our regalias and the things we are wearing.
After that we’ll sing 2 round dance songs & end off on a closing song.





Sat June 6 - 4:30PM

Amy Grace Polczer

Amy Polczer is an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist based in the Edmonton area. She is a member of the MacEwan university conservatory of music percussion ensemble.





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