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PRIVACY STATEMENT: We will not sell or give your information to any third party. We will do our best to protect your information from being used for any purpose besides sending you information about Heart of the City and our associated organizations and businesses. If you wish to cancel your subscription for any reason, you can do so, and we will not keep your information on file for more than 1 year from that date.





Every year we call on Musicians, Artists, Volunteers, Sponsors, Workshop Givers, Local Buisinesses, and more, to help us put on Heart of the City Festival.


This year we will begin offering something in return!


As a Heart of the City Member, you will have special access to our year-round community events and support services for artists and musicians. Included in your membership is free listing of your group or services on our website, as well as in our yearly printed guide.  Also, you will be among the first to hear about our special events and meetings and you will have access to the decisions we make as we go throughout the year!*


To become a member of Heart of the City, just choose your heart colour and send us your name, age and phone number in an email by clicking the sign up button below each heart.


* We will send out periodic emails to our members informing them of upcoming events, and asking for input on important decisions we make throughout the year.


Red Hearts of Heart of the City are hands-on, active and passionate volunteers who use their physical abilities and talents to make the festival a success. They are our first line of heart soldiers!


--Set up the festival--

--Post promotional material--

--Site maintenance--




The Yellow Hearts are the creative force that ignite the spirit of the festival. They are the beat of the heart and create the rhythm of the city. Their expression fuels the passion that connects us all.


--Perform at the Festival--

--Present art to the community--

--Sell artisan products--

--Host a workshop--

--Share a dance--


Blue Hearts carry our song into the streets of the community. Share the message of Heart of the City by connecting people to us online! You are the veins of our festival; carry forth the message heart soldiers!


-- Like us on Facebook--

--Tweet us on Twitter--

--#Hashtag us on Instagram--

--Share everything we do--


The Green Hearts of Heart of the City plant the seeds of community development and use their green thumbs to promote the rooting and growth of Edmonton culture.


--Maintain the spirit of the festival--

--Ensure continuity of the festival--

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