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Below we have listed all of our musicians that will be playing Heart of the City festival or who have played in the past. We will be adding to this list as we gather new musician members of the HOTC roster in the coming years. These are the musicians and bands that come from our city, work in our city, and play in our city. Some are just coming out of the garage/basement, while others have played stages all over the world. When you see these musicians in your neck of the woods, we recommend that you go out and support them!


To see the schedule for the musicians playing this year's festival, check the SCHEDULE page.

Soul, World

This year Lisi will be joined by Caleb Hunt! 


This is my dream and in it I sing and dance with my friends and family, and smile and laugh, and cry, and open my heart to whatever comes into my life. I welcome everything and everyone, I cry real tears, I laugh with gusto and feel joy for no reason.


The Big Sky Gliders formed several years ago on a sunny Alberta back porch. The country, blues and ragtime influenced folk music of this multi-instrumental trio, Jim Lapp, Brian Waddell, and Don Watson, reflects the prairie nature of that gathering.

Folk, World

Cam Neufeld and Billie Zizi are a father daughter duo whose musical inclinations span a broad horizon. From Gypsy Jazz to folk to canadian fiddle tunes this duo has traveled as far as Turkey, Romania and France in search of new sounds.


Bombproof the Horses is a four-piece indie rock band hailing from the snowy climes of Edmonton. Drawing comparisons to The Weakerthans, Sloan and Joel Plaskett, it's no wonder that they've been described as sounding "very Canadian" with "catchy riffs, surefire melodies, engaging lyrics [and] sweet harmonies" ( Their debut EP 'The Ground The Sky', released in March 2014, has received positive reviews and radio play on CBC, CKUA and CJSR. In April 2014, they were selected to participate in the pilot season of 'Secret Setlist', an 'Austin City Limits'-type live performance TV show highlighting Edmonton's talented indie music scene. Since 2013, they've shared the stage with some of Edmonton's best at various venues and participated in fundraiser concerts.

Hard Rock

CordaLain is a hard working power trio from Edmonton with hooks that will hit you with a RIGHT and a LEFT. With high energy vocals, lead guitar, and rock solid bass and drums, CordaLain will not fail to deliver a tightly knit variety of blues and rock incorporated in both original and cover songs.


With a folksy style and sound which has been compared to Natalie Sargeant and “famous folk singers from the 70’s” Debbie’s performance opens the heart of the listener.  The song melodies are catchy and the music is melodic, relaxing and easy to listen to. Her words are thought provoking, taking the listener on a journey to self awareness, realizing and loving who they are, learning the art of gratitude and acknowledging and tolerating differences between people.

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Hip-hop, R&B, Roots

The def-in-it (the definite) = hip hop + social consciousness + rhythm & blues + humanity + roots + spirit “the def-in-it” evolved from years of eclectic underground music into Soulful vocalizations, poetic emcee lyricisms and unique instrumentations


David Shepherd entered the Edmonton music scene in the late 90’s as both a solo performer and a member of the Mike McDonald Band. In the years since, he has played with  Tanyss Nixi, Screwtape Lewis, Daisy Blue Groff, and the James Murdoch Band, and shared the stage with artists such as Spirit of the West, The Northern Pikes, and Bryan Adams. He released his debut album, ‘Gotta Leave Where You’re From,’ in 2010.




Emily Guthrie is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta, and although she has no immediate relation to Woody, or Arlo,, she is proud to share their last name and storytelling tradition. Active in the Edmonton music scene since 2008 with the band Painting With Ella, Emily has performed at the Calgary, Canmore, and Edmonton Folk Festivals. In 2010, she received first place in the youth category of Calgary Folk Music Festival Songwriter’s Contest.

Blues, roots

Local Edmonton Musician who truly believes music should be listened to live.

Plays Blues to Roots Music  on harmonica, guitar and home made instruments


Erin Kay is a vibrant emerging songwriter who is poised to make an indelible mark on the Alberta music scene. She is a self-proclaimed diamond in the rough who sings from the very core of her being about love, loss, gratitude and a life of struggles and joy. After a five year stint of country dwelling in British Columbia Erin returns to her hometown Edmonton, Alberta, rekindling her passion for performing and writing music. Her distinctive vocals, powerful range and heartfelt lyrics will stop you in your tracks. Her energy is as contagious as it is addictive and she captivates every audience who has the pleasure of hearing her sing. Erin Kay wraps herself firmly around a listener’s heart and penetrates your senses with her genuine delivery and true emotion. Her debut EP 'Into the Light' will release in the fall of 2014.


The Fashion Police are the world's greatest ukulele/mandolin duo.  They have quickly taken the title of the greatest opening band in town.  They put their own style spin on lots of songs that you already know and put on a one of a kind show.


Gary Garrison and Jonathan Hooton are grandfathers and singer-songwriters who have lived in the McCauley neighbourhood for over 10 years. They both have clear views of Giovanni Caboto Park out their front windows.


Jeremiah and John have been together for a very long time. They first met when John came into this world through the miracle of birth. It was that moment that Jeremiah and John knew they were meant for greatness. That was the moment they knew they had blow people away and rock their socks off by the means of music. The two brothers came together musically and formed the greatest band in the universe. Nothing can compare to their talents and their perfectly toned skin color. They formed Herbs Seed and only success awaits the dynamic duo.

fiddle music, all genres

The Inner City Fiddlers, a group of children in the inner city neighbourhoods of Edmonton, Alberta who come together to play music.


Jennifer Jane is a singer/songwriter, dancer, poet and visual artist. Her songwriting challenges musical boundaries and conventions and is imbued with boldness, freedom and creativity. On her debut album, Beautiful Chaos, you will find sounds that are reminiscent of various musical styles including folk and seventies pop; rock, musical theatre and Klezmer; and songs of quietude that penetrate deep into the heart and soul. Unique, unpredictable and abandoned, Jennifer Jane's music is a veritable buffet of sound, purposely strung together with her clear, lovely voice and powerful, evocative poetry.


Ken Stead got his first taste of folk music when his mother got tired of his choice of rap music and punished him by taking him to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.  It wasn't long before he dropped rap and started writing his own folk music.  His songs reflect life’s experiences, his spiritual journey, and lessons he has learned on the road. He delivers in an uplifting and affirming manner that leaves an audience energized, connected, and knowing that life is better at the end of the evening than it was at the beginning. Ken writes with depth and insight and his strong voice takes his listeners on a journey along with him, drawing them in, lifting them up, and leaving them wanting to hear more when the song is over.  Ken has just released a 7 track EP called "Unfinished" that he just finished touring Western Canada with

Soul, Blues

Edmonton singer/songwriter Kimberley MacGregor has the drive to tackle a few more projects than most musicians dare to juggle. That she currently performs with The Living Daylights, The Tubsteppers, Cadence and Nathan, and The Great North Blues Band is yet little surprise when one discovers what the power and depth of her voice can do for a band. The range of her many influences is apparent – soul, folk, classical, R & B, jazz – yet the sultry unique synthesis of her voice is all her own.


She as a performer believes in uplifting young women. She uses her music and appearances to reach out to and reaffirm the strength and beauty of a woman in young girls everywhere. Lady Eloquence not only personifies what it is to be a strong young Aboriginal female, but also a young and dedicated parent. Balancing school, work, family and music was not an easy task but she managed to persevere, and uses her lessons learned to pass them on to others.


Laurel-Lee MacLure says she was born into music....her mother, Mary Lou MacLure played all over Prince Edward Island exposing her to various styles of Traditional, Country and Folk. She's an Island girl who's transport from PEI to Edmonton left a little hole in her heart where all her passionate songs come through. Laurel-Lee is a singer/songwriter with lyrics that spellbind and melodies that enchant....speaking often to a longing for home and a longing to understand the human condition.

tri-kultural hip-hop

Locution Revolution are a tri-kulturalband/group made up of the dreadlock sporting,harmonica playing iD, the charasmatic Khiry Tafari,and the Deejay Budakron.All from different walks of life.In their short tenor together for a year and a half they hosted "Wildstyle Wednesdays" that saw DJ Budakron and DJ Shortop as the resident Deejays.Every Wednesday local talent and talent from abroad would come to perform,as well a spot for those to test themselves on the open mic.


This will be Locution Revolution's 8th Heart of the City Festival in a row!  They absolutely love this festival and are glad to be a part of it again.


Driven to write from an early age, Lynett McKell weaves tales from her life's truth and sends them our way, wrapped in melody from deep within. A self taught musician, her music carries a raw light, inviting listeners to reflect, relate and enjoy. After a successful 4 year run with Edmonton harmony darlings, the low flying planes, lynett is armed with inspiration to continue down her musical path, offering an honest uniqueness which invites us all to hear again, for the first time.


We are street evangelists, we also minister in song in many events and festivals around the city, we are usually the only Gospel band at the events we minister in song at.......God has taken us to places we never thought possible!!!! Praise His Holy Name...Amen

Hip-hop, rap

Meta-Tait has been rapping since he was 12. By the time he was 16, he had grown tired of the gangsta rap image and started delving into conscious hip-hop. Living in inner-city Edmonton, this offered him a more positive outlet than gangsta rap ever could. Since then, he's written about struggles in the community - from poverty, drug use, oppression, and the inter-generational legacy of residential schools. His engaging style exposes audiences to these issues, but at the same time leaves people energized and entertained.


Song Circle facilitator Mary Rankin has been involved with Heart of the City since its inception.Her contribution to the Alberta music scene includes solo and group performances of original music, lively children's entertainment as Netti Spaghetti and encouragement and nurturing of emerging artists at festivals such as HOC.


MC Lovely is a talented femcee, artist, and veteran of the Edmonton, AB Canada hip hop scene. With 10 years of performances + features under her belt, Lovely has developed a unique style and flow that's garnered her a loyal group of fans. She has performed with Swollen Members, Ghostface of WuTang Clan, Grand Agent, Bleubird, & Many more Hip Hop artists at hundreds of shows. She works tirelessly to promote and support local talent, lending her efforts and promotional skills to promote "1 LUV" - an idea that's become the credo of her promotional crew, Ladies United Voice (LUV).

Hard Rock

Monarch Sky is a female fronted melodic hard rock group from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The band formed in October 2012, and is composed of Brandy Black on lead vocals, Jason Cullen on lead guitar, Jeremy Pond on bass, and Mike Belitsky on drums. Since joining forces in 2012, Monarch Sky has headlined out of town shows and local music festivals, they released their EP titled "Embryo" in June 2013, and they Toured western Canada in the summer of 2013 to promote their EP. Their performance is a sight to be witnessed live. They share a powerful connection on stage both musically and lyrically, describing themselves as "musical soulmates," and their sound has been compared to a mix between Evanesence and Tool.


Must Be Tuesday is a quirky contemporary folk solo act whose 2013 album, Cover Me I'm Going In, features smart, catchy songs about such subjects as skinny dipping, zombies, video games, and being yourself. The previous CD, My Boyfriend's Girlfriend, was a five song EP, released in 2007. Other accomplishments include performing multiple times at Heart of the City Festival, Loud and Queer Cabaret, and on CJSR. Influences include the Barenaked Ladies, Jonathan Coulton, and the Buffy musical.

experimental, folk

Nomasia uses singing, vocal beat boxing, drumming, and looping to bring you a wonderful, musical, poetic, healing and trancedancing performance with all original music. Each song is connected to story and spirit expressed through gorgeous streaming vocals, ancient drums and electro tech. Their modern approach and ancient wizdome in music will put you in a deep trance or have you grooving!


Olivia Wik is an 18 year old singer/songwriter with a unique and modern country sound. Olivia is a 3-time ACMA nominee and a 2014 Edmonton Music Awards nominee (Artist to Watch) and has written over 100 songs. She is credited for 2 songs on a Detroit PBS show called Off the Beaten Palate and co-wrote the title track of the Every Woman Organization’s 2014 compilation CD called Be Yourself. Olivia has performed at the Calgary Stampede, Big Valley Jamboree, Westerner Days, River City Round Up, and New Year’s Eve at City Hall in Edmonton.


Once upon a time in a land not far from here, 3 little owls perched in a tree fell in love while singing sweet melodies. These birds of a feather, Corrine Coffey, Karen Vooys and Sarah Findlay's passion for music grew deep roots during epic jams that soon evolved into their own unique sound. Their uplifting acoustics were exploded by the dynamic Matt McKell on banjo and sultry trumpet. Owl at The Moon's music will surely leave you late a night around the fire with a curious smile.

singer-songwriter, activist

Paula Eve Kirman is a singer/songwriter with a passion for performing songs about social justice. She performs at a variety of community festivals, events, and rallies. Many of her original songs deal with themes of peace, the environment, and human rights. In 2012, Paula received the Salvos Prelorentzos Peace Award in part for her musical contributions to peace rallies. Paula is also an inner city community journalist, editor, and photographer.


Raya Elyse is singer-songwriter who is on the rise and beginning to create waves in the local music scene. Her deeply moving lyrics and incredible vocal style are combined with strong political messages and a quirky energy that is truly unique. Raya's songs are inspiring to those that hear them and her beautiful voice is induces shivers to the listener. This musical artist deeply cares about the various issues of today's world and dedicates her talent to creating positive change. Raya Elyse's performances are a must-see for anyone who appreciates music with a message. 

singer-songwriter, story-teller

Edmonton based singer/songwriter Rebecca Lappa is a born storyteller. Her superb pop-soaked folk has earned her CFMA “Young Performer of the Year” Nominations in 2011 and 2012 and a 2013 Edmonton Music Award Nomination. Rebecca is an accomplished pianist and moves easily from blues to jazz to pop styles. Her song writing often weaves historical threads and evokes powerful images and emotions. With her expressive vocals she can move you to tears and laughter in the same song.


Billy LeBlanc, better known as Rellik, got into Hip Hop at an early, formidable age, and gradually developed his craft throughout the years. During his career he has rapped alongside Talib Kwali, D12 and Kardinal Offishall also proudly shared the stage with some childhood heroes such as Run DMC, Casual, and Canadian Icons Buffy St. Marie and The Guess Who.

Singer-songwriter, World Music,

Sebastian Barrera is a guitarist and singer who lives in Edmonton Alberta. His music betrays a deep Latin influence, with a touch of Bossa Nova and flamenco, and he sings in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Sebastian also heads a project called Creart Edmonton, a free school of music and art that runs every Saturday morning from 9 am to 12 noon at the Parkdale Cromdale Community League.


The Skips are a folk pop duo with a passion for quirky lyrics and thrift store instruments.


Mike Siek is the melodic half of the Skips (guitar, bass, Omnichord, harmonies, drums, and more). He spent his teen years fronting a cover band in Inuvik, where he learned that it's extremely difficult to get seal fat off your guitar cables. Mike also works as a graphic designer and videographer.


Marissa Kochanski writes lyrics about dismal dance floors, mean horses, tightrope walkers and on rare occasions, love. She provides musical support on ukulele, cowbell, slide-whistle, kazoo, and miniature Casio keyboards. Marissa is also a freelance designer for theatre companies and festivals, and is the resident set designer for St. Albert Children's Theatre.


The Skips combine their love for music, drama and design to create theatrical, fun-filled shows for audiences of all ages.

Traditional, drumming

Spirit Woman Singers were brought together by the drum and their love of traditional songs. Through a process of following traditional protocol and their hearts, Spirit Woman Singers live their commitment to walking a spiritual path and sing for healing, inner peace and inspiration. Everyone has their own sound and if we can touch someone’s heart with our songs or inspire them to make their own music then we have accomplished our goal.


Steven moved into McCauley in the year 2000 with his wife Jody. Steven & Jody welcomed their daughter Stella in 2003. Steven started to teach guitar out of his home and became the McCauley Community league guitar teacher in 2004. Steven is also a practicing, professional musician, and has played with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and at numerous festivals and venues. Community guitar lessons take place every Monday evening 8-9:30 pm @ The Boys & Girls Club and everyone's welcome!


Three years ago, six lifelong friends made the decision to come together and explore their passion for music. Despite drastically varying influences, they were able to successfully fuse a soundscape that is both unique and familiar. With lots of love and laughter, Thompson Highway continues to write music and tell their story.

Roots, Rockabilly

Tommy Barker is a singer/songwriter from Lubbock, TX, living in Edmonton, AB.  He writes and sings roots and rockabilly songs and has performed around West Texas with The Prophets of Rockabilly.  His influences are Buddy Holly and Hank Williams and his current recording project is entitled Songs from the Economy Campground.

Roots / Folk / Alternative Country-blues

The "Coyotes" have been howling out their brand of Roots/Folk and Alternative Country/Blues, for over 15 years and have played at most of the HOTC Festivals. The Coyotes original songs are reflections on local and regional history, stories of the land, love, travel and social lament. It's "Raw-thentic Roots" music from the prairie heartland.


For over ten years, music has been a major part of Venessa and Brian's friendship. Whether going to punk rock shows, or going to eachothers shows, their friendship has seemed effortless. Most of their time writing and performing has been done separately. Many times they've tried to become a great performing duo, but life and perhaps timing has kept this from happening until recently. Together they present a textured mix of vocal harmonies, and lyrical eloquence with a folk song for every avenue of life's lessons.

funk-rock, blues

The Wayne MacLellan Band consists of three best friends who possess musical dexterity and feel well beyond their years. In their early twenties, Wayne MacLellan, Joey Hanson, and Tim Wilson have developed into experienced songwriters and charismatic performers. Featuring tightly syncopated rhythms, and magnetic guitar playing, The Wayne MacLellan Band combines elements of funk-rock, blues, and modern day pop music to arrive at a sound that is truly unique to themselves. 

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