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A Message From Mayor Don Iveson

Don Iveson

Hello, I’m Mayor Don Iveson and I’m here to extend well wishes to all who are attending this year’s Heart of the City Music and Arts Festival! As I’ve stated before, what I find most beautiful about the creative scene in Edmonton, be it music, poetry, or the visual arts, is its ability to bring individuals together from many different cultural and social backgrounds. Festivals like this one help create opportunities for shared experience and bring energy and vibrancy into our beautiful city. This festival also creates space and supports artists who might not otherwise have a platform to share their gifts with us - and so I’m thankful for the organizers who have put this initiative together. Congratulations on another festival year! Even though this one will be hosted primarily online - I know many will still feel its energetic and inspiring power.

-- Letter from the office of the Mayor, Don Iveson

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