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A new look...

We are thrilled to have the work of Elliot Taylor, an incredibly talented Edmonton artist, for our 'Reboot' theme for Heart of the City this year.

Learn more about Elliot in this month's Boyle McCauley News in an interview with Heart of the City board member Corine Demas. Elliot tells Corine about how being a visual artist and a musician with the band Borderline Thrills intersect. You can also follow Elliot on Instagram at @Elliotataylorart and @Elliotthrills.

In this month's Boyle McCauley News, our producer and director of marketing Jacqueline Duttenhoffer tells all about Heart of the City's plans for a documentary...and other fun things we have been up to, like a tie-dye workshop at an Indigenous Peoples' Day festival and crafting at the Edmonton Downtown Farmers' Market. Check it out here.

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