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Celebrate Dance with Mile Zero and Heart of the City!

Join Mile Zero Dance as they explore the world of magpies. Click here to play video.

A Mile Zero Dance Production 2020

Concept/Choreography: Gerry Morita Director/Editor: Shawn Tse Second Camera: Heather Hatch

Dancers: Chenoa Anderson Allison Balcetis Jane Berry Piper Berry Marlyse Chase Ian Crutchley Theresa Dextrase Janita Frantsi Gerry Morita Maja Osmanagic Deviani Andrea Bonilla Romero Katrina Smy Masani St. Rose Eryn Tempest Jeannie Vandekerkhove Truus Verkley Giovanni Young

Man: Matthew Tognet

Music by: damn mapies Chenoa Anderson (flutes) Allison Balcetis (baritone saxophone) Jane Berry (voice) Ian Crutchley (found objects) Mark Segger (snare drum) Scott Smallwood (electronics)

Costume Design: Kelly Ruth

Thank you: McCauley Revitalization and the City of Edmonton EAC AFA Canada Council Heart of the City Festival

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