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  • Heart of the City Festival

Volunteer fair!

We gathered up some musical instruments, posters, t-shirts and heart-buttons, and we met at the Boys and Girls club in McCaulley.

We ate cheese and meat trays, nibbled on fruits and veggies, drank coffee and juice, and forgot to drink the water we brought.

We chose our heart colours and wore our heart buttons proudly.

We played music, jammed songs we didn't know and learned about our volunteers while they learned about us.

It was really great!

You totally should have been there. Specifically YOU, who is reading this and didn't come out to hang out with us, yeah, you. You should have come.

But it's ok if you didn't, we had leftovers and Rachael will be making soup or something. (So she says. But I think she just ate the leftover food and gave the scraps to her cat.)

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