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AGM welcomes new board members!

Our recent AGM was a fun pizza-filled time, and we managed to get two new board members in the process!

We are pleased and excited to welcome Lachelle Farris, who has already been working very hard on many of the ARTS aspects of the festival for this year, and providing volunteer support as well! She will be continuing to do what she has been doing for months, but now she knows the secret hand-shake, too.

Also, we welcomed another newcomer in Luke Slobod, who brings even more energy and passion to our board. (Seriously man, we can't take much more energy and passion!) Luke will also be providing us with site-management at the festival this year, so if you don't know where the porta-potties are, he's your man.

We followed up the AGM with an actual meeting, where we discussed boring business stuff, but we won't torture you with the details here.

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