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Join us at the Druid May 7th!


With recent events unfolding in Ft McMurray we have made the decision to convert this fundraiser to support the efforts of the Red Cross and the people who are going through loss beyond words.

All proceeds from tickets that have been sold so far, future ticket sales, and all silent auction proceeds will be sent to the Red Cross donation centre earmarked for the efforts to house and care for the residents and emergency support teams.

Please feel free to drop by The Druid Irish Pub on Saturday and send some love to our neighbours to the north, and enjoy some great local original music at the same time.


We are gathering on May 7th for the annual Druid concert and fundraiser with silent auction! Come out and meet the board and listen to some diverse and exciting live music!

This year's concert includes singer-songwriter and blues story-teller Dana Wylie, South American and world-music powerhouse Sebastian Barrara, and Hip Hop fun times from Boosh and the Dip!

Tickets are only $10 and you get a free drink with your ticket! How can you beat that!?

Contact 587-336-5480 for your reserved ticket, or come to the back of the bar and buy directly from one of the board members once you arrive!

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